A day at Wimbledon – sort of…

My mum and I go to Wimbledon every year, we just queue up and get a day pass for the outside courts but we normally go on the first Monday, this week we stupidly went the second week (my fault) and even though we arrived at 08:45 we were told that we wouldn’t get in until 17:00 – so we though bollocks to that! We wanted to watch some tennis.

We went back into town, did some shopping and got home in time for the first match, we had a little picnic in the lounge, with plenty of pimms and later we had afternoon tea with hot cross buns, yum! We watched, Federer, Nadal, Serena Williams, and of course Andy Murray. Just as good as being there without the price tag πŸ˜€

I also used my new tea service and this lovely tablecloth my grandmother was getting rid of, it’s Cacherel and will be used properly once we have a dining table, isn’t it lovely to have such a pretty a hand me down.


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