Birthday Nutella Roulade

Nutella Roulade

There are a LOT of good nutella recipes out there, Nutella fudge, Nutella swirl buns, nutella and banana cake, nutella cheesecake and (next on my list) nutella surprise cookies – it’s not that much of a surprise; there’s nutella in them.

But I’ve been wanting to make this roulade for ages, (recipe found via Pinterest of course) I’ve been putting it off as I could not find one of the ingredients, hazlenut extract, anywhere. I have looked in every sodding baking shop, health food store and posh supermarket in London to no avail so in the end I just bunged in a teaspoon of hazelenut butter which worked perfectly.

More mouthwatering roulade

I made this for my birthday to take into work, the joy of a roulade is that it looks bloody impressive with very little effort. Make the sponge, roll up and leave to cool, smother with nutella and roasted hazlenuts and dust with cocoa and icing sugar. Bosh.
Comments from the office included ‘the best cake I’ve ever had’ and this: homer drool

I’ll take that as a win.

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