Crochet Flower Garland

A pile of crochet flowers Baby Ruffles number two (the beautifully named Cicely) has arrived and had the most lovely nursery ready and waiting. For some reason Lizzy insists she can’t crochet so she asked me to make her this garland for the baby’s room. This is a really fun project, you could make it a complete mix of flowers if you wanted and it knits up very quickly. Obviously sewing in the ends is a gigantic pain in the arse but my Mum did a lot of this for me, she’s awesome. Flowers I mostly used a pattern from Mollie Makes (the first time anyone has ever made something from it I imagine!) but I added some extra flowers to it and made it a lot bigger. Garland Another crap photo I’m afraid, light was bad and I am unskilled and impatient.


One thought on “Crochet Flower Garland

  1. oh that is so lovely……… the ends are the devil of knitting.crocheting, hence I have a handful of things completed but yet still to be sewn up 🙂 – maybe I should drop them off to your mum lol x

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