An arts and crafts Saturday

I realise I haven’t posted for AGES! I must say I find it really hard in summer  as I’m doing less craft to talk about, however, yesterday Lizzy and I (plus our boys) went to Brockley Open Studios, an annual event where resident artists in the area open their homes for you to view and buy their work. It was a really lovely day to be wandering around Brockley in the sunshine, and checking out these people’s fabulous Victorian houses and stunning gardens too.

We saw some fabulous painting, sculpture, woodwork, prints, drawings, ceramics and basket weaving.

This is a wine basket made by Naran Gopal, he didn’t want to sell me it because it was too ‘slapdash’, I insisted on buying it because I think it’s gorgeous, lots of people were asking me about it as we were going around the rest of the studios so I hope he sold lots more this weekend! He also does commmissions so I may well order some more of these for Christmas presents.

Simon bought this notebook from Barbara Wiggins, she has leather journals and diaries in Liberty, the Conran Shop etc, but all of the ones she had on display were discounted heavily so it was a bargain.

There was one painting we really liked by Ann Taylor but I don’t think we’re in the market for art at the moment, maybe next year…


3 thoughts on “An arts and crafts Saturday

  1. I love the wine basket. It would be great to fill it with bottles of red and place it not to far from our log fire in winter! Christmas present hint??

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