Orange and Caraway Seed Cake

Photo taken in terrible lighting and is therefore crap as you've come to expect - look a those scrumptious seeds though!Another classic loaf cake, this one is from River Cottage in The Telegraph. To be honest it’s a pretty shit recipe, by which I mean badly written, it should be SR flour rather than plain and it doesn’t tell you when to add the caraway seeds but that’s just bad journalism. The cake is delicious!

There’s something a bit Bronte about a seed cake, I think this is the sort of thing they used to make at Christmas for the poor and the servants, the oranges and exotic spices would have been a proper seasonal treat. But it’s also ideal in this horrible cold weather, the toasted caraway seeds warm you up right nice.

Delicious orange and caraway seed loaf cake

As ever its perfect with a cup of tea for elevenses or a dollop of creme fraiche for dessert, a good quick cake to knock up at the last minute. I’ve made this to celebrate starting my new project at work and finishing the old one, or at least, its a good excuse to take cake to the office.

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