Ruched Headband

'Gnarley' snowboarders in handknitted headwear scandal

I made this for myself for skiing as I hate wearing my hair down on the mountain and I wanted something to keep my ears warm but my bun in tact!

This was made with leftover Artesano Alpaca DK and is very loosely based on a Drops pattern but if you want mine here it is. It’s absurdly simple and takes about 2 hours:


Scant half skein of DK yarn, preferably something warm like alpaca
3.5mm needles


CO 21sts and knit in seed stitch for 38cm, slipping the last stitch of each row to prevent curling at the edges.
Sew ends together to form band

For the centre strip CO 9sts and knit 44 rows in seed stitch, sew ends together around main band over the join

Headband in less sarcastic setting



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