Mini make-up pouches

A trio of pouches

Just a quickie this time, found the pattern for these adorable pouches on Pinterest, the tutorial is excellent, check it out on the Three Bears blog. I had to mess around with the measurements a bit to get the shape I wanted and this definitely works better with stiffer fabric. The Ikea canvas worked best I think, but it would work fine with some interfacing or possibly even quilted too.
Pouches.jpgI made these as mini make-up purses but I’d like to do some bigger ones from oilcloth for wash bags at some point. They are really quick to make up, the lining took a little longer as you sew it in by hand. However, I didn’t realise you need to walk your sewing machine foot across zips in order to not break them. Lesson learnt!

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2 thoughts on “Mini make-up pouches

  1. This is just what I need to do! Now I`ll be able to sort out my different nail polish colors! I`m thinking a pouch for my reds, a pouch for my blues… and the actual pouches can be color coded on the outside too!

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