A fully stocked play kitchen (or ‘finally! A use or crochet fruit and veg’)

A bowl of delicious yarn

My lovely un-god-daughter was lucky enough to receive a play kitchen from Santa this year, so of course it needed a selection of items to stock it. The available pattern database for fruit and veg on Ravelry is truly mind-boggling. I mean, I think I went overboard to be honest but you could really make almost any food item you can think of. I stopped at the grapes, too much buggering about sewing tiny balls together for my liking.

I particularly like the garlic, it looks mental.


I am reliably informed that these went down a treat, but either way I enjoyed making them. They don’t take long as they are small so it’s a rewarding evening that produces a few of these, plus it’s a good stash buster so used up some more of the never-ending rico cotton. All the patterns I used are on my projects page on Ravelry if you’re interested.

More fruit and veg

I also made a linen string grocery bag to hold the veg (Pattern from The Purl Bee), like the ones they used to use on Neighbours, remember those? It didn’t photograph too well so it’s not included here but it made wrapping this lot much easier!

DISCLAIMER: Photos taken before arrival of new camera


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