Fairisle Cardigan Kit

Instant Fairisle Knitted CardiganWow, I finished this almost a full year and a half ago but totally failed to photograph it, I think it’s because I was planning on styling it better than I have… Photos obviously taken by me (as no one else was here, also I should probably have done my hair, *sigh*) but with my Dad’s camera so slightly better quality, same lower-than-average composition.

Here's one I made earlier!

This is a vintage knit, it was found in my mother’s, next-door-neighbour’s, aunt’s loft. That’s how you get ALL the best stuff. It’s an ‘instant’ fairisle kit from pure shetland wool and was clearly bought on holiday in Scotland, probably in the 50s judging by the shape of her boobs, but maybe 60s looking at the hair… Anyway it had been enthusastically started with 3/4 of the back panel knitted (excellent choice as that is clearly the most boring bit) and one side panel. Fortunately it was easy enough to work out the size chosen and it was a 12 so would fit me – all good news so far.

Yoke (or 'the best bit which I did not make')

The bad news:

  1. this is pure wool, spun before the advent of modern processing techniques and so was scratchy as hell to knit with! It is softening up now but it will take time and commitment.
  2. The ‘instant’ bit is because the fairisle section is already knitted (which I would have really liked to do myself, I love fairisle knitting) and you have to insert it, what a total fucking pain in the arse THAT was!
  3. It’s 4ply yarn, this means it take a bloody long time to knit something this big.

Full frontal and backside views

However it’s so long ago now that I have really forgotten how painful it was. To be fair it is the first adult garment I had ever knitted and for that I learnt a lot about seaming, the value of blocking, and  perfect, beautifully even gauge… (or the lack of it)

Obligatory close-up

It is a bit high-necked and unflattering in the bust and waist but I love it, it’s warm and cute, the colours are gorgeous and the fairisle is beautiful. Everyone else thinks it’s gross but I don’t care, I totally fit with the trendies in in Dalston, as long as I don’t tell them I made it…


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