Perfect Lemon Bars

Poorly lit and photographed but delicious nonetheless

My parents came to visit this weekend, they were trying out my newly-decorated spare room with new bed (coming soon to Airbnb) and going to the tennis. In that order. So my mother casually mentioned that they would arrive for tea and ‘some delicious treats you’ve made’ on Friday afternoon. These were the hurriedly cobbled together result of that thinly veiled demand.

The lemon bars were a Pinterest find, visit Baking Bites for some beautiful images (and the recipe of course). Due to my sad lack of a decent camera my food styling leaves a lot to be desired, but forget what they look like, they taste amazing!

Lemon Lovlies

They are incredibly lemony, sharp and sweet, with a crispy base and lovely yellow gelatinous topping. Plus they are so easy to make; basic shortbread base, whisk up eggs with lemon and sugar, slap it on top and you’re done. Genius!

Unfortunately with only my parents to eat them I am left with about 12 squares to gorge myself on, how terrible for me.

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