A quilt for the modern baby

Hi, welcome to the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing-but-no-promises-to-blog-regularly Lickety Split! Huzzah! Bear with me whilst I sort out all the image files etc., I hope you like it.

First up, a new post, oh the excitement 🙂

Quilt for Ted

I made this quilt for my wonderful friend Nell, well, for her baby, Ted. I didn’t know if Ted would be a boy or a girl when making this so I was hoping it was androgynous enough for either. Let’s say it is.

The fabric is ‘Little Apples’ by Aneela Hoey for Moda, I bought a layer cake at a craft fair last year and gave the offcuts to my sister who got another whole quilt out of it so it was really good value.
I opted for a simple stacked coins quilt as the fabric had such beautiful prints I didn’t want to lose them in a more intricate design.

Little Apples

This is a fairly large quilt as I wanted it to be useful beyond the cot and act as a playmat later on. I know white isn’t that practical but it’s washable and it looks nice. I guess (with excellent hindsight) I could have gone for grey as the background colour instead which might have been a better choice for a small child.

Ted is an incredibly cute, happy and content baby, I imagine this is mostly due to having such a lovely quilt.


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