Baby Boy Sweater

Obligatory close-up

I made this for a friend’s child, he was named Babhinay and had a Twitter account at 3 months (in utero) and tweets regularly about the day-to-day minutiae of being a baby, you can follow him here.

I’m really pleased with how this turned out in the end, despite appearances it wasn’t a simple knit, you can read the full rant on ravelry if you’re interested in knitting-pattern-based rage.

I really like the yarn, which is the Rico Essentials Merino DK, it knits up slightly smaller than a standard DK but is really smooth and soft and is superwash, what more could you want. Oh it’s only £3.50 a ball, bargain! I also got the coconut shell buttons for 10p each, I think they’re perfect.

Basketweave Baby Cardigan

I must say I’m getting pretty good at the sewing up these days, the shoulders on this don’t look too bulky and the side seams would be perfect if the basketweave pattern matched up .

I’m considering rewriting the pattern so I can knit it in the round as I do really like the finished article. However,  a better plan might be to transfer the basketweave pattern onto an existing cardigan pattern that I like (thanks Lizzy :D).


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