The end of the never-ending quilt

It looks bigger folded upAmazingly I started this quilt exactly three years ago today, can you believe it? Three years to make a bloody quilt (and not even a very big quilt)!

I have to say I lost interest in it, as you can tell from the fact I haven’t posted about it since 2009. I optimistically wrote back then ‘I think I’ll need at least 15 squares to make a decent size quilt’. I’ve scaled back my ambitions since then and settled for a 9 square lap quilt.

The perfect size...

To be honest, I started this without really thinking about the end design. I SHOULD have chosen two or three fabrics and broken them up with a plain colour, but in my impatience to get started I ploughed ahead regardless. I got to a point where I really hated it, the colours, the patterns, how busy it was, it disgusted me. At this point it went into a drawer and didn’t see the light of day for a good nine months.

I finally decided it had to be finished, even if I didn’t like it I could give it away. To reduce the pain I figured I should just complete it with the nine squares I had already, and be done with it.

For some bizarre reason I then took it upon myself to hand-quilt it as well, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ eh? But actually that was a really good call, I love how handmade it looks and the bigger stitches somehow make the design less busy, so up to that point every single stitch on the quilt was done by hand. Impressed? You should be!

I finished the edging on the machine last night and I must say that main emotion I feel is relief. Suffice to say I won’t be making a hand pieced quilt again. I do actually quite like it now, but, lets face it, it’s just going to end up as a glorified kitty bed, I hope they appreciate the effort.


4 thoughts on “The end of the never-ending quilt

  1. I think it’s amazing. Now you know How to do it and as your obviously so good at quilting, I think you should now make another one encompassing all the things that you wished you had included in this one

  2. I think it looks way better than I thought it would. Although you say you wouldn’t do a quilt by hand again I reckon you might. It does look nicely hand crafted, can you put it in the haberdashery so the kitties don’t wreck it?

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