Peanut Butter and Choc Chip Shortbread

Photo inspiration from Sue's blogShortbread is, without doubt, my favourite biscuit. Not only is it buttery, crumbly and delicious in its plain form, but you can whip up a batch in about 20 minutes, ideal for a late night bakery craving.

So it could only possibly be bettered by the addition of food-of-the-gods flavour combination: peanut butter and chocolate. I got these from a fantastic blog The View from the Great Island. Sue has a huge array of recipes (the cookies and cakes are especially good) and she also takes fantastic photographs so the blog is droolsome!


These cookies couldn’t be simpler – it’s a basic shortbread with peanut butter creamed in with the sugar and butter and then chuck in some chocolate chips. The genius part of this is the ‘roll and refrigerate’ technique, there’s something very Nigella about slicing perfect circles of shortbread straight from the fridge and 15 minutes later presenting your guests with a seemingly effortless tasty treat.

For the more chocolate addicted, Sue also has an extremely popular Double Dark Chocolate shortbread recipe too. Check it out, and if you make them I want to try, deal?

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