Professer Zoidberg Mitts

Zoidberg!Zoidberg: Wub wub wub wub wub
Hermes: My god! Soon he’ll be as strong and flexible as Hercules and Gumby combined!
Zoidberg: Gumbercules!? I love that guy!

So when I decided a pair of salmon pink fingerless gloves something happened, something that NEVER happens, I thought: ‘i’ve got the perfect yarn in my stash for that’ AND I DID! Amazing eh?

A completely useless novelty item of clothingI used a great free pattern called Man Paws for the base of the glove and I finished these in January sometime, but I also ran out of yarn, ANNOYING. I then had to buy another ball which I put off for a long time as the ‘perfect’ yarn was a fairly expensive Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino,

I made up the flip tops/zoidberg head bit using the pick-up-and-knit method from Ysolda’s Snapdragon fliptops but changed the construction. And the eyes came from Knitty’s Flappy Flounder.

Wub wub wubIf you imagine wearing these wiggling your fingers and muttering ‘wub wub wub wub wub’ to yourselfself, you get the idea. I’m pretty sure these have a very limited life span being, as they are, a completely novelty (and fairly unpractical) item of clothing.


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