Woolsack Olympic Cushion Project

I like how it looks like an owlAt the recent Unravel knitting show my mother corralled us into helping her stuff a cushion she had made at a filling station at the event. I must admit I knew she was doing this (vaguely) but hadn’t really paid proper attention so I dragged my feet when she asked us to help her.

The Woolsack project is part of the cultural Olympiad and it’s brief is to welcome every single Olympian to the UK with the gift of a hand-knitted cushion made entirely of British wool. You can find out more here. There is still time to knit a cushion and they have yarn available, you just have to pay the postage.

In actual fact the stuffing was really fun, Amber and I gushed over all the brilliant cushions that had been made and they offered us doughnuts and the stuffing wool was really soft… mmmmm. We asked them how they would decide who got what cushion: would the gold medallist get the ‘best’ ones, and the shit ones go to a first-round-knockout handball team member or similar? šŸ˜€ Ā Apparently it’s going to be more a case of getting what you’re given, oh well.

Also the lovely lady who helped us gave Amber and I some wool to make our own cushions, exciting!

I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I had recently seen Polly akaĀ Rubbishknitter’s version of the Paper Dolls sweater with the BBC Micro owl logo as the motif and loved it – it doesn’t get more British than that!

I copied the back from Julie (who I think is theĀ niceĀ lady we met at the event), she has made some lovely cushions for this project and I think the back is really pretty without competing with the front for attention.


Amber used the same basic pattern but used an umbrella motif instead (also very British). We have sent them off with my mum to be filled at a stuffing station very soon.

I guess Usain Bolt will get mine, or maybe Michael Phelps. I can see him now, on the podium, holding my cushion in one hand and a gold medal in the other (because of course he’ll be so attached to it he’ll take it everywhere). He might even cut it into shorts, who knows, wool is very aerodynamic you know.


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