Quick cross-stitch socks

Cross stitch socks - expertly modelled

I made these for my friend Nell for Christmas but I utterly failed photograph them before I gave them to her and was therefore unable to post about them, I’m an idiot.

Anyway she kindly sent me this picture of them in action, hurrah!

This pattern is form the Knitting 24/7 book which I got for Christmas last year. Like most of the patterns in this book, it is fairly badly written (which is a shame as there are lots of nice things in it).

For example: It specifies two needle sizes but doesn’t say which to start with, obviously you can work it out but in a paid for pattern I’d expect it to say, it’s also just not very clearly written, which is fine if you’ve knitted socks before but just seems lazy. In addition the book never specifies the yarn weight used, only the yarn she actually used, which is no help at all. Again I can work this out by looking it up on ravelry but should I have to? No.

FYI it’s an aran weight, I used some lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran which was soft and smooshy and perfect!

That said the pattern on the sock looks lovely and now I’ve done it once I would definitely make them again, a good quick knit for a lovely warm pair of socks.


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