On Sunday my hangover and I dragged our sorry arses down to Farnham for the spectacular knitting show Unravel. I was lucky enough to win a free ticket from the lovely Clare at Nimu Yarns but sadly in my morning alcohol-addled confusion I forgot the ticket (I’m sorry Clare, I din’t have the guts to tell you when we saw you at the show, I was ashamed) so had to spend £9 on the door, what a loser!

But it was worth it! The show was much bigger than I though it would be and was entirely wool/yarn craft based (none of those poxy card making stalls or any of that crap. They also made such a huge effort to make it look great, balloons covered in knitting lined the bridge to the show, the cafe had knitted tea-cosies galore and the whole interior of the show had been yarn-bombed to within an  inch of it’s life.

We spent the morning looking around the main marketplace, there were loads of smaller artisan producers so you were looking at different things all the time and lots of people had made the effort to bring loads of samples of

their patterns so you could see what they are like in real life. We also did a lot of yarn touching, so soft…

We had lunch outside in the sunshine and pissed everyone off by laughing raucously and generally ‘causing a scene’ whilst people around us sat quietly knitting.

Things we bought:


Susan Crawford‘s mammoth vintage knitting pattern book ‘a stitch in time’, we got a cute eco bag with it and had a good chat with her stall buddies who were very cool. They also teased us about the secrecy surrounding her coronation collection (due out in May) and wouldn’t give us ANY hints, the meanies 😉



I bought the Purl Alpaca’s Neptune Cardigan pattern which I have been lusting after for ages and mum bought two balls of their DELICIOUS alpaca yarn, it’s so soft I just want to smoosh my face in it! The woman from there was lovely and told us all about keeping alpacas and that they make great pets so we have decided to buy some (you have to get a few as they are pack animals). We are going to get three boys and call them Richard III, Lord Corston and Dumbledore. Mother will look after them of course I will just reap the yarn bounty.

Mum bought two skeins of Nimu Yarn’s Seatoller which is a fantastic luxury yarn and was a show sale – we LOVE a show sale –  in a beautiful acid yellow colour and Amber got her the 3/4 Hap Shawl pattern to make with it, it’s going to be beautiful. Also very impressed that we could pay via PayPal with Nimu, 2012 techno-bonus.

We spent ages at the Millamia stall cooing over their fantastic patterns and bought their book, Wonderland. I’m planning on making the Alexander sweater for a little boy soon. My mum and sister bought the yarn and pattern to make their adorable fairisle cushion too. They also had a show sale on all their yarn the clever people!

I bought some british 4ply yarn in grey, cream and tomato for an as-yet-undecided fairisle project from The Mary Kilvert stall.

Some bits and bobs form the vintage knitting accoutrements stalls and other random yarn. We went home laden with bags.

Things I didn’t buy but want:

A curly, rare-breed, grey sheepskin rug from Well Manor Farms, they were ever-so-slightly out of my price range but worth every penny!

So, in summary, it was great and we will definitely be going next year, see you there 🙂


8 thoughts on “Unravel

  1. I agree – it was the best show I’ve been to. I also stuffed my olympic cushion at the Woolsack stuffing station. It has now inspired everyone else who went to knit one.
    Definitely going again next year

  2. You’ll have to buy a field Alan. So how annoying that Milamia was on sale and I wasn’t there. Tres disappointing you should have texted me. Am loving that Neptune cardigan and Zam now going to check out the stitch in time stuff on rav.

  3. I also went up to the show on Saturday, but I decided to sort me garden and greenhouse out instead, I so wish I had gone now, especially as my friend from Guildfield who has moved back to England from the States went to the show on Saturday… Im gonna go next year with her… the buys sounds scrummous.. and I love Alpacas or is it Llamas 🙂 x

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