Super-speedy iPhone case


Many years ago (okay 2 and a bit) when Simon got his first iPhone I happened to have the sewing machine out and he asked me to make him a case for it. He despised the hard ones as they ‘ruin’ the smooth clean sleekness of  the design. But rather, he wanted a slip case to protect it in his pocket from keys and change and the like.

I threw a couple of pieces of of fabric together in about 3 minutes (as I had far more interesting things to be sewing) always intending to make a better one at some point, but he never wanted one. He stubbornly clung to this wonky, too long, ratty scrap of fabric over a more polished (and bloggable) item. It was also embarrassing as people must have judged my crafting skills based on that shitty thing!

Anyway, recently it has gotten so frayed as to be useless to protect the screen and so Simon comissioned another, he asked for a knitted case in a reddy/orangey variagated sock yarn I had left over from some delicious socks. It’s a perfect use for it as it’s strong but slimline, ideal to fit over the ohone and in his pocket.

It took me about 2 hours to knit, I’m sure you don’t need a pattern but anyway, here’s how:

You will need:

Leftover 4ply sock yarn
2.5mm dpns

Cast on 36 sts and join in the round
Work in K2P2 rib for 6 rounds
Knit for 50 rounds
Kitchener the live ends together


That’s it!

You could add a button or similar but why bother, it’s only going to get worn out.

PS Apologies for the shit photos, they were taken on my phone in the evening. The proper camera is buried under kitchen stuff in a cupboard somewhere whilst we spend all our daylight hours renovating…



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