Green Tomato Chutney


Cheese and chutney

So I was just chatting to Pam about tomatoes, how fun it is to grow them from seed and how lovely to have such a huge crop for various dinners, not just salads either, this sweet cherry tomato and sausage bake is definitely a fave.

However, now the weather has turned the tomatoes started rotting on the vine so I picked all the good ones this weekend and made some green tomato chutney.

Jar o' chutney

I found a great recipe here simple and delicious, it actually tastes pretty close to Branston Pickle to be honest, but SO much better of course!

Another Christmas present to go with the jam for our family and friends. Plus I gave all my leftover jars to a lovely lady from the WI as we are cleaning out ready for the new kitchen, (eek!)

They are currently engaged in the Hackney Harvest, where they collect fruit from peoples gardens who are doing nothing with it, make jam/chutney and give it back to them – how cook is that. She did try to recruit me so I might go along…




3 thoughts on “Green Tomato Chutney

  1. Perfect timing! I have a big crop of green tomatoes. And I LOVE chutney!

    And that Sausage tomato recipe sound pretty heavenly too! Thank you so much for sharing these.

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