Baby Bear Hoody

The Baby Bear

I’m aware this isn’t a great photo, it was very difficult to photograph without putting it on a child, and a) I don’t have a child and b) the child for whom it was made was not born yet, annoying.

Anyway this was made for a beautiful baby boy called Harrison, he’s the son of my jitsu sensei so it had to be very boyish indeed, and it’s hard to find good baby-boy items to knit. But I think this is ideal and I really like the contrast edging and the button band construction.


This is the first time I’ve made a pieced item of this kind and I WILL NOT BE DOING IT AGAIN. It was a fucking nightmare, it took me about a week to do all the knitting and then at least another week to sew it all together, if someone ever re-writes this pattern to be knitted in the round I would definitely make it for another boy as it did turn out really cute!

I used King Cole Baby Comfort DK which is really cosy and soft, plus it’s washable at 40, which I’m pretty sure is important when you have a small child.

I made it for a size 12 months but my gauge must have been off as it is a 6 month size in my opinion, not a big deal, it will fit at some point 🙂

Bear Ears!

Anyway, look at the cute baby bear ears!



4 thoughts on “Baby Bear Hoody

  1. Oh its beautiful….. I have a great hoody pattern for a boy that you can borrow, Ive made it twice and so easy to make and it looks gorgous… well done with pursevering with your fucking nightmare lol x

  2. Hahahahah! You are a scream! I am cracking up over hear! I absolutely never intend on doing a pieced item because i just know in advance it would be one of those kinds of nightmares!

  3. Oops – hit the button too fast in my state of giggles! Your little sweater is beautiful – you must be very proud of your effort regardless of the bumpy journey.

    Bravo you.

  4. Tres cute. What is with all the patterns that are knit flat? I made Bea a lovely cardigan, finished the knitting in Feb, still haven’t sewn it together, pretty confident it’s now too small. Basically all flat patterns are crap. Love your colour choice btw.

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