Blondies for Blondie


I also made these for Alex’s hen high tea but I feel they deserve their own post as they are so god-damned delicious. If you don’t know what a blondie is, (and it turned out no-one at the hen party DID) they are white chocolate brownies (geddit?), a genius idea.

As with all baking it’s the quality of the ingredients that makes these and so I obviously used Green & Blacks white chocolate, drooooool, best quality vanilla extract and some delicious whole pecans.

I used this recipe from The Times ‘inspired by and adapted from’ Gale Gand, the pastry chef of Tru restaurant in Chicago. She suggests serving them as 2.5cm cubes with coffee, and really, I think these were perfect for afternoon tea, delicious, light and sophisticated.

It was nice to have an oven that worked and meant I probably ever-so-slightly overcooked them, they could have been a bit squishier. However, they had my whole family coveting the tin and I had to let them try some the night before the hen party or there would have been blood, even my mother who professes to hate white chocolate was seen snaffling one whilst making the tea :D.


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3 thoughts on “Blondies for Blondie

  1. You should try the Hummingbird ones too. They are totally delicious. Add pisatchios instead of whatever nuts they suggest. Honestly, someone at work told me my ‘reputation is restores’ after making these.
    The recipe that had thrown it into doubt was some rubbish brownies from the Guardian with rum and mint…

  2. You and Lizzy both baking and tempting me with delicioushness I can’t possibly resist!

    I have always heard of Blondies – but never tried them. YOU have changed all that! Will let you know.

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