Amigarumi Lesson


Pingu the amigarumi penguin

I have been training in Ju Jitsu for sometime now, it’s a bit of a contradiction that we are a club who enjoy baking and craft, not just the girls either. Some examples:

  • Home made masks for our masked ball – including a robot triceratops one!
  • Cakes, burgers and Gingerbread jitsuka for a club BBQ
  • A piñata made from scratch
  • Many excellent fancy dress costumes, always cobbled together at the last minute.

In addition to this we seem to be growing in yarn craft aficionados and this week had our first crochet club.

Christina wanted to learn to make amigarumi and is very new to crochet so we decided to go for something easy and I chose this cute little penguin from Lion Brand Yarn, it’s a free pattern and have simple, clear instructions so it’s ideal.

The lesson went fairly well, Christina is a very calm crafter whilst Emily and I are prone to fits of tantrum, which meant Emily’s penguin at one point was dashed to the ground mid stitch and left there in disgrace for 15 minutes after which she discovered it actually DID have the right number of stitches… We had chocolate and fish and chips and tea and listened to Radio 2, it was very civilised. As everyone has now mastered the basics I think we’ll have a go at these next time.



3 thoughts on “Amigarumi Lesson

  1. amigarumi sounds like some kind of fight-club move. Or maybe they’re like your imaginary jitsu sidekicks who hover in the air next to you and can temporarily pause time and give you a hint on how best to smack down your opponent. That’s it, right?

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