Some sort of basket, box or tub

box/basket/tub thing

This is a birthday present for my mum.

My mum always makes me the best presents and I always try to make her at least one thing too. She is however, much better at it than me, but I guess she’s had a lot of practice. She used to make us clothes (I distinctly remember an amazing polka dot puffball skirt), the most fantastic birthday cakes (I once has a fairy princess castle made from meringues) and a different colour play-doh every day when we were little and we had (and still have) the most amazing dressing up box, so we were always creative.  Now she has her own shop on Folksy, you should check it out.

Here she is, isn’t she brilliant?


I saw this basket thing (referred to in the patterns a hostess gift box’) ages ago and knew I would make it for my her as she has a couple of similar items which she uses for nice bread in our house in France. I didn’t have any nice bread to photograph it with so I used some nice wool instead, although if it really were for wool it would be pretty pointless in my opinion.

the tub/basket/box thing

Anyway this is really simple to make, you can find the pattern on Sew, Mama, Sew. It took me about an hour in total and has lots of potential for variation I think, I might try some with ribbon ties instead of sewing up the sides and I like the idea of using different fabrics for the inner and outer layers. However, it’s not that obvious how to scale it up and really I wanted this to be wider and flatter but it’s still good.

I filled the tub/basket/box thing with other gifts; some bias binding makers and this mental book called ‘Knit One, Kill Two’, a knitting murder mystery I heard a woman talking about at a knitting show last year, It’s part one of a series and comes with a recipe and a knitting pattern, hilarious! I’m sure it will be awful, but that is the point.




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2 thoughts on “Some sort of basket, box or tub

  1. This is brilliant. Would be interested to know if people in the States actually do make hostess gifts or if it’s just a myth perpetuated by Martha Stewart et al. Also can Ange do a book review on knit one kill two – I’m intrigued.

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