Twin Vests

Twin Vests

I started making these a while ago for my friend’s gorgeous twins Max and Lily, the pattern was suggested to me by Lizzy and I made a newborn one for baby Ailsa in bright red (which I failed to photograph!) and liked the pattern so much I decided to make some more.

Vest for Lily

Lily and Max had their second birthday recently so I have made the 3yr old size in the hope that they will fit at some point over the next year.

I really like the cable on Lily’s vest, it’s ‘hugs and kisses’ (or noughts and crosses to you and I), weird to block though.

Vest for Max

I wanted to make Max’s vest a bit more boyish so I finished the bottom in rib rather than garter stitch but I don’t think I cast off very well. I have since learnt of the variety of cast offs available, the crochet cast off would have made this much neater, sigh. Live and learn.


2 thoughts on “Twin Vests

  1. Gorgeous, especially like the shade of pink. Could you let me have the pattern sometime please as I would like to make it for a bump due in the summer.

  2. You and Lizzy are so fabulous. If I were to decide to knit a baby gift, by the time I finished the poor thing would most likely have outgrown it!

    You two just whip stuff up in no time. Amazing.

    I did finally finish Diane’s second pair of socks – so now I have made three pair from your pattern. Honestly, I love this pattern. The socks fit like they were knitted right in place.

    Thank you again for sending the pattern. I am not done with it yet either! I have a lovely turquoise hank waiting in the wings for a cast-on!

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