Crochet Mother’s Day Card

Crochet Mother's Day Card

I hate Mother’s Day cards, why are they always pink with pictures of butterflies, shoes and cakes, (as if our mothers have no other interests in life) and full of sickening marketing company declarations of cloying love and scraping unworthiness? Just meaningless saccharine sentiment. Eugh.

Anyway my mum is a big fan of a homemade card so when I saw this crochet flower tutorial on Jacquie’s blog, I knew it would be ideal. It’s a fantastic free pattern, really easy to follow and looks beautiful. I don’t normally have time for card making as I think papercraft is a) pointless and b) ugly but I treat this as an exception, feel free to berate me for my u-turn opinions, I’m full of shit.

I used some of the never-ending rico cotton dk for this, which is nice and shiny and I decided to do different colour leaves as I wasn’t going to have to sew it all together at the end, I made it in about 10 minutes so it’s a perfect last minute project for a birthday card or present as a framed picture which is what Jacquie used it for, or you could even appliqué it as an embellishment to a bag or children’s item of clothing.


3 thoughts on “Crochet Mother’s Day Card

  1. 10 minutes? You did this in 10 minutes? I am impressed! And look at how beautiful this turned out.

    I tend to agree with you about paper craft – however, my big u-turn is Danish paper cut.

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