Noname Hat

Noname Hat

I decided to make this after the success of the noname mitts, I really enjoyed the pattern and it was fun to knit whilst in Geneva visiting a rather cute little girl named Beatrix.

Again this is apparently worn by Hermione in one of the Harry Potter films, but whatever, I just like the pattern. I made this from the most amazingly soft wool which we bought as a pack of 10 very cheaply from The Black Sheep, I say we, what I mean is my mum bought it, I had 5 balls, Amber had 2 and my mum got the rest, a fairly good deal for her to be honest. It’s Sublime organic merino dk and it is lovely, I would make a sweater out of this if I could get some more at the same price.

The pattern I used was great but I made the ‘child’ size hat, the adult one is the same size around, just longer, but another whole pattern repeat would have made this way too long so unless your head is massive the child size should be fine. Having said that there are a few differing patterns for this ‘Hermione’ hat so it might be worth checking out the other versions too.

I know it’s a little late in the season for a hat (with the daffodils being out, by rights I should be in flip flops) but it was perfect for a walk along the canal last weekend when the wind was still a little nippy.


2 thoughts on “Noname Hat

  1. Love this hat, if I ever finish your birthday present I may make one (I seem to recall it being quick, but how quick?). Would make a superb Christmas present. Was there a matching mitten or glove pattern?

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