Yarra Class Bunting

Yarra Class Sign

Ooh how exciting, more classroom craft! To be honest this is a fairly flat ending to a long overdue project, not because of the overall effect just due to the time it’s taken to get it finished. In the end it was a family effort, I knitted the majority of the pennants (although Amber and Lizzy did some too) and my Mum embroidered the letters onto them. I finished the knitting for these in September of last year, just as my sister (Amber) was taking her own class for the first time. All the classes are named after rivers of the world, although on closer inspection the Yarra isn’t even a good one! The Yarra is a river in east-central Victoria, Australia (see you’ve learnt something today), it’s not the longest, or most important, just ‘a’ river in Australia, lame.

Sign in situ

The pattern for the bunting is from Green Mountain Mama, and it’s a piece of cake, however, I would recommend charting the letters into the pattern rather than embroidering them afterwards just for speed really. I used the never-ending Rico cotton, which knitted up really nicely for this project.

Anyway, this is the best class sign I’ve ever seen, if you’re class had/has better; let’s see it!


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