Liberty Fabric Patchwork Bag

V&A quilting exhibition fabric

I have been saving this beautiful fabric for ‘something special’ for nearly a year now, stupid I know! I got a whole range of fabrics from the V&A quilting exhibition, produced by Liberty of London as limited edition prints. It was Lizzy’s birthday coming up and I wanted to make something for her rather than the baby as I know little Beatrix has been getting all sorts of prezzies.

Patchwork work bag

My sister has a a bag like this for her knitting that my Grandmother made, I love how simple it is, perfect for keeping your latest knitting project with you when you’re on the go. I’m not sure why I didn’t deserve one, perhaps I’ll request one for my birthday. Anyhoo I used one of the Liberty fabrics and then two plainer complimentary fabrics from my stash. I didn’t want to have too many patterns as I wanted the Liberty one to stand out and to do justice to it’s beauty. I lined it with plain cream fabric as it makes it easier to find whatever you have knocking around in the bottom: stitch markers, stitch holders, embroidery scissors etc, without fumbling around in the dark.

The 'best' side

I did the patchwork and the lining on my machine but I underestimated the amount of hand sewing needed for a project like this, mine isn’t as neat as I would like but it’s good discipline, imagine the people who hand-quilt massive pieces for double beds? Crazy!


2 thoughts on “Liberty Fabric Patchwork Bag

  1. Am loving this, incredibly useful and very pretty indeed. Currently housing the socks I’m knitting (thank you for winding the ball for me!).

  2. You have inspired me to make one! My knitting projects are housed in the ugliest old canvas bags and definitely deserve something much prettier.

    And goodness knows, I have plenty of scraps around here!

    Actually, I need two! One for socks which I only work on when i can give them my full, undivided attention, and one for simple projects I work on while riding in the car or “waiting”!

    Great idea! Thank you!

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