The Joy of the Owl

Crewel Work Owl

I’m aware that owls may be ‘over’ these days but I don’t care, I like them for their killer instinct and blood lust as much as for their cute depictions in various crafts.

My mum brought this up last time she came to visit as she knows I’m interested in crewel work at the moment, she made this years ago and it’s been sat in a cupboard in our house sadly getting eaten by moths. What a shame! Look how brilliant it is, I love the woven sections and the fluffy bits around the eyes (which are done by making big loops with the wool and them cutting the ends of the loops off apparently). My mum is very clever isn’t she?

For a more vicious bird see the below photo which was taken at my ‘birds of prey day’ in the New Forest last year, check out the claws on that!

Bird of Prey!


One thought on “The Joy of the Owl

  1. I can’t believe my eyes! I actually made one quite similar for my Mother many, many years ago! MANY! And she still has it hanging!

    Wonderful shot of the owl landing – claws extended! Owls are truly magnificent creatures aren’t they?

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