A nice cup of tea and a slice of cake

A nice cup of tea and a slice of cake

On Sunday I visited the Creative Stitch and Craft show in Brighton, I have to say it was better than we (my sister and I) thought it was going to be. We have previously attended the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace which was far to big, busy and crowded for us, it also had a lot of repetition in what was available with the smaller more specialist stalls getting lost amongst the hundreds of card making and magazine stands.

The Brighton centre was rather more civilised (it probably helped that we went on a Sunday), it was smaller and there were less knitting stalls but there was still lots to see and buy and, to my sisters delight, there were ‘bargains to be had!’ which is really what you want when you’ve paid to go into a show. We also got some good ideas of things to make and had a nice picnic in the bar, annoyingly they had massively overpriced the wine (and couldn’t sell me a whole bottle, ‘we only do it by the glass’ – why?) meaning they had only sold one glass all day, idiots. But overall it was really good and we will certainly go next year.

We went with the Denmead Knit and Bitch Group who all got very excited at the mountain of discount yarn on one stall, they were diving into the pile and pulling out half price cashmerino by the bag, much cash was parted with and we all went home happy. However, I would still recommend the Iknit Weekender as the best show I’ve been to so far.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Anyway I arrived home, wet, bedraggled with aching feet and needed a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake. Fortunately I had made this delicious lemon drizzle cake on Saturday which provided the perfect accompaniment to tea and rummaging through my new acquisitions.

It’s a very simple recipe from Tana Ramsey on the BBC website, I used the zest of two lemons rather than one to make it really zingy, delicious!


6 thoughts on “A nice cup of tea and a slice of cake

  1. This is a problem I find – the big shows are often just ‘too big’. I recently went to a textiles fair in the next town (Braintree, Essex) – it was tiny, just two little rooms in a museum, and was £2 entry – but I managed to get soooo many bargains, and spent an ages there! It’s always good to hear others’ recommendations for shows 🙂

  2. I already have four knitting projects – no wait – 7 knitting projects in the queue so as much fun as going to a show like this one sounds, I must not!

    I am glad you got to go however, and had such a good time.

    I would like a slice of that cake if you don’t mind! 🙂

  3. Denmead Knit & Bitch members all had a good time. I seemed to spend a huge amount of money but not take home an equivalent amount of goodies. oh wait half of it went to London with the daughters! how did that happen?

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