Purple Haze Mitts

Hermione gloves

In the great Harwood yarn swap I obtained a ball of King Cole Haze, this normally would be a big nono for me for the following reasons:

  1. Colour: I hate purple, it’s my worst colour in all it’s forms and looks gross on me – for some reason I’m making an exception here, perhaps I’m getting old…
  2. Fibre: 100% acrylic, however it’s really soft and lovely and doesn’t squeak when you knit with it
  3. Texture: it’s a fluffy yarn, fluff gets in your nose and mouth and is annoying, no idea why I’m overlooking this

Anyway I lost my lovely gorgeous warm chubby mittens at Christmas and have been sulking about it ever since but as my hands are still cold and there is no chance of me getting them back I decided it was time for a new pair. In the end I realised I couldn’t wear this colour so I gave them to my lovely friend Clair, who I planned to make a Christmas present but failed so this is sort of a late present if you like. As you can see they look great on her!

In progress

I knocked up these gloves in a couple of days, it’s a lovely pattern (which you can find here), although I lengthened them quite a bit to make them more gauntlet-y. They are based on Hermione’s hat in one of the Harry Potter films – this is NOT the reason I chose it before you start to mock! However, I might make the hat too as I only have one hat and it’s not that warm, not in purple though, I can’t wear that hideous colour next to my face, I’ll look like I’m dead.


4 thoughts on “Purple Haze Mitts

  1. You are so good at every thing you make with the needles! Look at these! Love the pattern. I can’t believe I actually sent you a picture of my first sock half completed and knitted wrong side out!

    I enjoy looking at purple, but like you it rarely looks good on me – except for a very funny kind of taupe-y purple which works very well. Might work for you too and I will let you know if I ever find out a name for it!

    Having started knitting with wool, I was surprised at the difference when i knitted a hat last week out of a bulky acrylic. Much prefer the wool.

  2. I want this wool back if you hate it. I made LOVELY mitts for my friend with it and I will knit more. Stop ‘making do’ with it and give it back to be enjoyed!
    Also, for 100% Acrylic, its WELL bloody soft, so stop complaining.
    Nice gloves though.

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