Stash Busting Crochet Cushion

Cushion of Joy!

Here’s a bit of jargon for you non-crafters (not that you couldn’t work it out), I have been attempting to reduce my huge stash of yarn recently (‘busting’ my ‘stash’), my sister and I did a yarn swap but their was no net loss of wool on either side, however, this project is perfect for using up scraps.

Front side

I saw the granny stripes first (as is usual for a lot of my crochet) on Attic24 and really wanted to try it out but certainly don’t need a crochet blanket nor another project that requires buying more wool so I decided to use up my leftover Rico cotton (from the rainbow ripple, that yarn is never-ending) by making this cute cushion cover for my Haberdashery.

Back side (HA!)

I’m not so keen on the colour combinations I used on the back and it’s not a great pattern for a cushion as the edges aren’t as neat or easy to crochet together as the round cushion, I think if I were to do this again I would do a dc edge around each square before crocheting them together. I love how it looks like ricrac though, don’t you?

You only need really small amounts for each stripe so it was perfect for leftovers, almost too perfect in fact as I STILL have some of it left over but I have a plan for it, don’t you worry, I have a plan…


5 thoughts on “Stash Busting Crochet Cushion

  1. Love this, really like the way the edge looks but no close up so is it in face actually rubbish? I’ve found a good baby hat gift pattern for RICO remind me to mail it you. X

  2. Wow! This really reminds me of the bargello pillows I used to make a long, long time ago – in another universe!

    I love the colors and never mind that the edges aren’t perfect. Just enjoy how pretty this is. How cheerful!

  3. It’s brilliant! I’m so impressed with your crocheting – and the ripple blanket that’s pictured on Lizzy’s blog is amazing. I’m still fumbling around with granny squares!!
    Abi x

  4. Thanks everyone! But yes Lizzy, you are right, the edges are rather rubbish hence the lack of close up – but it’s fine, whose going to examine the edges anyway?

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