The Sock Debacle

Alan modelling the one sock

Take a long hard look at the socks above, unless you shop at Prada or similar these are the most expensive pair of socks you will ever see.

Warning: the following paragraphs contain nothing but ranting; minimal swearing but a lot of rage, take a deep breath.

The offending item

I bought this wool back in July 2010 in anticipation of making socks for my Dad for Christmas as requested. It was fairly expensive for sock wool but he had specified 100% merino and I wanted him to wear and love them. I also enjoyed the fact that the colourway was called ‘Middle Earth’, my dad is a big LoTR fan so it was all coming together nicely. I bought it at a wool fair from a shop who had imported it especially for the show, tip for you: NEVER DO THIS!

I smugly started the socks in August thinking they would be done in plenty of time for Christmas, finished the first one in a week or two and started the second one, I was about a third of the way through it when it became painfully obvious that I was not going to have enough yarn, annoying.

So I rang the people I had originally bought the yarn from, they had none left and were not ordering more, selfish. Nowhere in the UK stocks this yarn, ever. After much internet research I finally found a US store who would ship to the UK and ummed and ahhed for three months about ordering it. The postage costs were very expensive (they would double the cost of the wool) and therefore triple the entire cost of the already extravagant socks, sigh.

Just to prove that I did make two and they are finished

Eventually it turned out said US shop was having a sale in the new year which would halve the cost of the yarn so I decided Alan could wait for the socks and I would buy it in the sale, Lizzy ordered some too to share the postage, she is a good friend! The sale started at midnight on new years eve EST, that’s 5am UK time, after some very strict instructions about how to shop in their sale, which scaremongers you to the point where you genuinely believe there will be NO YARN AVAILABLE after 12.02, I decided I would ensure I ordered as soon as the sale started, obviously this is not the case and as I write on 23rd Jan they are still advertising their even further discounted sale, I am an idiot. I am not a party animal so dutifully set my alarm for 5am, got up and ordered the yarn, the only plus to this absurd behaviour is that I got a ‘goody bag’, *half-hearted hurrah*!

Well the yarn arrived after some time, well it didn’t arrive, a card from Royal Mail arrived stating that I was over the limit for importing goods and as such had duty to pay, £4.67, not too bad… APART FORM THE £8 HANDLING FEE FFS!

Anyway suffice to say the ‘goody bag’ wasn’t that ‘good’, the socks were not ready in time for Christmas (I gave my dad one sock wrapped up) and I’m not knitting any more of them, I’ve learnt my lesson.

Here’s some socks I made for my grandad too. Really, that’s the last pair.

Socks for grandad


7 thoughts on “The Sock Debacle

  1. I feel your pain. Recently read a post from a helpful person who says that when knitting socks she always winds off half a hank of wool and weighs it, weighs the other half to mathc, so she will always know if there’s enough wool. Yeah right, we know that now.

  2. I am so sorry to hear after having started your Dad’s socks with so much enthusiasm (because as I remember, he had actually asked for a pair,) the project brought you so much disappointment and distress.

    I hope you haven’t given up knitting socks altogether.

  3. Of coure you’ll knit more socks Harwood! They look ace and I’m sure they feel lovely. Having said this maybe don’t bother knitting them for men – their feet are too big. Pleasure to share postage costs with you, any time when yarn is involved.

  4. I’m so glad I have a lovely daughter dedicated to my golf sock fetish. Whilst her posts are an impressive rant (worse than mine I hasten to add) there are no rude words to be found! Very unusual. Anyway I can’t wait to get my hands on said socks – my feet have dropped of in the bloody freezing weather.

  5. DN1 finally delivered the socks to me this week while the Boss and I were visiting Londinium. I am wearing them now and they are probably the best socks in the world (to paraphrase an old ad). I want more but I don’t know if she has the resolve!

  6. Having worn them in bed (which they are briliiant for) as well as the last few days I’ve decided I’d quite like a golf jumper from this wool. Can you get that done before spring please?

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