Space Invader Gloves

Space Invaders!I made these for my little brother for Christmas, I say little, it makes him sound about 10 but he’s actually 26… I know he likes a fingerless glove as opposed to full gloves or mitts, that way he can wear them when working (he’s an electrician), hefting kit for his band and a variety of other outdoor tasks: feeding the rabbit, walking the dog, etc.

This is my second colourwork attempt, not as neat as the headband but I think that’s partly due to the wool I used, which was a basic dk. However, he loved them, in fact the comment when he opened them on Christmas day was ‘coolest gloves ever’, sweet.

A sick Dean wearing the gloves

Photos kindly provided by Dean and Jo – notice how the colours match his tattoos. Dean was very sick but he dragged himself out of bed to take these photos just to please me, isn’t he a good brother?


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