Sewing Machine Cover and Crochet Cushion

Sewing Machine Cover

As I’m sure you are all aware, sewing machines need covers. No, really, they do! It protects them from dust and whatnot. Anyway as Lizzy has this lovely new craft room and can actually keep her sewing machine out she was definitely in need.

I spent quite a long time online looking at photos and (really shit) patterns as I had decided I quite liked the idea of doing one with a patchwork band around it, however, I really left it too late for this and then I came across this fabric in my stash, originally from ikea, it was perfect! I also found a huge roll of red felt which would be the perfect lining and help it to hold it’s shape.

I based the shape and size on my sewing machine which is slightly different to Lizzy’s but I think it turned out okay. I erred on the side of caution and made it slightly bigger and from the looks of it it could have been slightly shorter, but better to be too big than not to fit at all.

The quilting was really fun on this and although it took a while really pulls it together in my opinion. Doesn’t the craft room look lovely with all it’s home made goodness? You’ll be pleased to hear that the curtains and other soft furnishings have a red base so it will all match wonderfully.

Crochet Cushion

You may already have seen this photo over on Ruffles and Ribbons and you can find more there about that fantastic seat cushion, but this is the crochet cushion I made for the rocking chair in the nursery, it’s based on Lucy’s version over at Attic24 (as usual) and I was using leftover Rico cotton dk, I made this in about two days it was so quick and easy, plus I got a really lovely feather cushion from ebay. That baby Ruffles is going to have such a  colourful bedroom it will be the sparkiest, happiest baby ever!

Thanks also to Lizzy for the brilliant photos 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Cover and Crochet Cushion

  1. Why did I never think of making a sewing machine cover? Sometimes i must leave it sitting out and ready for use for several weeks and I hate that it gets dusty.

    I am sure I have something in my stash that would work perfectly!

    thank you!

  2. This is lovely. I’ve never thought of this either as my sewing machine came with a really tacky plastic cover, and I’ve just made do with a big plastic bag 😦

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