Scissor Keeper

Patchwork Scissor Keeper

I never used to see the point of these but recently with a million projects on the go I have always been searching for my scissors, very annoying! Lizzy has the most beautiful cross stitch one she made ages ago which I would really like a copy of but I think she’s going to have her hands full for a while…

I made this one for Simon’s mother as she does lots of needlepoint and so I thought this would be useful, I used very small scraps so it’s a good stash buster and ribbon rather than cord to attach the scissors. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any prettier scissors than this as I left it until the last minute, what an idiot.

My mum also made some of these but she made them slightly larger with a pocket for the scissors to sit in, I really love this fabric and the lovely floral patterned scissors – I’ve put my order in and so I’m sure mine will be arriving any day now 😉

Mum's scissor keeper


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