Smoking Gloves

Smokin' gloves!

Simon informed me, on Christmas eve no less, that he wanted a pair of fingerless gloves. Imagine my rage, this would have been a perfect present but he had left it until the last minute, annoying! ‘I can buy some’ he said, ‘no one’s buying gloves in this house!’ I replied and so I cast them on that day.

I used a WW2 pattern that was recommended for women to knit to send out to our boys on the front line, it’s called ‘trigger’, how cool is that!? They knitted up was quickly and easily although the instructions were a little unclear in places and I don’t think I got the thumb position quite right on the left hand glove. I modified the pattern slightly to make the ribbing on the cuff and fingers shorter, a ‘plain’ colour was specified so I used the navy Rowan pure wool 4ply I bought to make myself a sweater (now abandoned as it’s not soft enough nor does it knit as 4ply!) I finished them on 29th so only six days (and bear in mind they include Christmas day, boxing day etc).

Smokin' (hot) boyfriend ;)

Anyway they are exactly what Simon wanted so his hands don’t get cold when he goes out for a cigarette or wants to use his iPhone outside in the winter. Unfortunately his boss thinks he looks like a big issue seller, *sigh*


4 thoughts on “Smoking Gloves

  1. Ahh the cape, I do remember the cape being discussed some time ago. I wouldn’t worry about looking like a big issue seller. Mark wore his new hat to work with his new hoodie and jeans on the days after Christmas and someone in his office was going to call security until he took his hat off and they recognised him!

  2. I always wear fingerless gloves for smoking!! Let’s hope Simon’s mum doesn’t take a sneaky look at this!! ps I love looking at your blog and have found a whole world of knitting/crochet blogs via this one. x

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