Draught Excluder

Draught excluder in situ

My friend has recently bought a lovely old house out in the country so I was pretty sure this would be a useful gift! I made this pattern up as all the patterns I could find were for dog or snake ones and I really didn’t want it to look remotely like that!

So I just went for a simple envelope shape, with a handle for moving it around easily, I used a heavy canvas fabric (from fabulous Ikea) and stuffed it with a mixture of old t-shirts and jumpers to give it weight, and cushion stuffing to give it shape.

Sturdy handle

Nell kindly photographed it for me performing it’s intended task, isn’t it pretty? I have been meaning to make some for our house so now Christmas is over I should really get on with it…


2 thoughts on “Draught Excluder

  1. This looks great, I love the fabric, wondering about buying some to make a floor cushion as it would look good with our lounge curtains. Do people use floor cushions though…that’s the question.

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