Socks for Amber

Foot model socks

My sister idly mentioned that she would ‘quite like’ some hand knitted socks, ‘maybe a green pair’, she was sensible enough to mention this well in advance of Christmas so I had time to make them. I bought the yarn at the iKnit weekender in September, the woman selling it had a pair of knitted up socks in the same wool using a lace pattern and they were so beautiful I knew that a) I must buy that yarn and b) I needed to use a new pretty sock pattern to do justice to the gorgeous colour and subtle variegation. It’s 80% merino 20% bamboo and is, without a  doubt the nicest yarn I have ever knitted with, it’s Nimu patterdale, you can buy it direct from the maker here.

Beautiful pattern

I wanted a pattern that was only on the front of the sock as I thought this would be easier. This ‘tadpole’ pattern was free and you can download it here or on Ravelry. It was easy to follow and I don’t usually have the patience for lace work but I only had to rip it back a couple of times and only by one or two rows.

Pleas take note of Amber’s excellent foot modelling, this is clearly her calling in life.

I think this is my proudest knitting project so far, they’re AMAZING! Such modesty…


3 thoughts on “Socks for Amber

  1. They look amazing, quite a bit better than the ones I made to be honest. It’s a good pattern, and by the time you get to the second one it goes quite quickly. Excellent knitting skills Ms Harwood.

  2. Everyone in Scotland (in Dexter’s family) was incredibly impressed with these! And I have washed them now and they’re completely fine. Brillo! Merci beaucoup!

  3. Yay – glad you like them Ambees, it is the best wool ever. Also Lizzy, I saw your ones and mine are not better, you are a far superior knitter as we both know 😀

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