New Years Eve Dinner

As you may be aware if you are a long time reader we have a bit of a tradition of Beef Wellington on NYE, courtesy of Mr Ramsey, however, this year I have knocked it up a notch (bam!) by the addition of a starter and dessert, which, to be honest, we didn’t need at all…

So pretend this is ‘Come Dine with Me’ and you’re reading the menu on the morning of the dinner party:

Twice baked cheese soufflé with beetroot salad

Main Course
Beef Wellington, Sauteed Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas and Salad with Mustard Vinagrette


Not bad eh?! Ad now the photos:

Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé

Baked Once

Baked Once

Baked Twice

Baked Twice

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

A thick slice - there was enough for at least 6 people!


Choux buns cooling

Choux buns cooling

A short stack of profiteroles (we had a plate each)

A short stack of profiteroles (we had a plate each - so chubby...)

I can strongly recommend this menu, but only if you’re a real fatty, thus it was perfect for us.


6 thoughts on “New Years Eve Dinner

  1. New Years food looks very good! I am with Clair – we want leftovers! She is making me join the land of twitter and blogs – random but true.

  2. Oh your profiteroles looked way better than mine – boo. Love the look of your delicious beef wellinton, shame it’s full of things I can’t eat – rare meat, pate etc.

    By the way your souffle photo looks brilliant!

  3. Melody, Happy NY to you too xx
    Hannah, you are too late! If you had come over yesterday there were still leftovers (as we bought nearly a kg of meat!)
    Lizzy, I’m pretty sure that’s not true, and I’ll make Beef Wellington next time I’m over and you are back in the land of the eating! xx

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