Patchwork Needlebook

Needle Book

My mum hinted very unsubtly that she wanted a needle book as the one she currently uses was made by one of us at school and features a badly sewn on christmas tree with some ’embroidery’, and its falling apart.

I spent quite a while looking for a patchwork pattern, not that I necessarily needed one but I was looking for inspiration really. However I found this really fantastic tutorial on Patchwork Posse, the construction of the patchwork was really fun, it basically involves layering fabrics over each other, but I do think you need to plan it first otherwise you could get stuck! I really like the random effect you end up with and it’s a really good project for using up scraps.

Laid flat

I added some minimal quilting to it but if you’re more creative than me you could really go to town with this bit, I think it would look amazing with a very close pattern stitched over it, alternatively you could do it by hand with bigger stitches and contrasting thread, which, in hindsight, is what I should have done, I think it would look cuter. Inside I used green felt, which I should have cut with my pinking shears I think.


Lizzy and I used this technique for making a cushion cover out of offcuts and it’s definitely a method I will use more often as I have a huge scrap bag that I need to use up before I’m allowed to buy any more fabric…


3 thoughts on “Patchwork Needlebook

  1. This technique was a lot harder than I thought it would be – very glad Kimberly was there to help! Will blog about it soon, but only when I’ve sorted out the ties…which are the wrong way round at the moment.

  2. Thank you for pointing the way to this tutorial for the needle keeper. I really, really need to make on so badly considering that most of my needles are still hanging out in their original needle folders purchased sometime in the dark ages.

    I love the idea of being so vintage but there is simply no paper left that doesn’t have holes in it! Maybe i can incorporate the cover into the new needle keeper somehow.

    I love how yours turned out.

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