Easy Cable Gloves

Cosy Cable Gloves

I found a pattern on ravelry which I really liked the look of, for some very simple cable gloves but on closer inspection of the pattern it turned out they were knitted flat – bizarre. When I made them for my friend for Christmas I decided to modify it to knit them in the round but ended up ignoring the pattern completely and making it up as I went along. I used this really lovely Artesano Aran which is a wool and alpaca mix so it’s really warm.

If you’re interested it goes like this:

Using 10ply/Aran weight yarn and 4.5mm dpns cast on 36 sts and join in the round

Row 1 &2: p2 k4  repeat to end
Row 3: p2 cb4f  repeat to end
Row 4-6: p2 k4 repeat to end

These 6 rows form the pattern, knit 6 pattern repeats then on the next row knit in pattern for 16 sts, place the next 8 sts onto a holder and cast on 8 sts, continue in pattern to end of round.

Knit another 2 pattern blocks and cast off loosely.

For the thumb, pick up 5 stitches around the base and join in the round, knit 8 rounds and cast off loosely.

Work one round of sc crochet around the wrist of the gloves to stop it curling.

So chunky and warm, I love them! I even have enough yarn left for another pair but I know I’ll never get around to it.


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