Nordic Headband

Nordic Headband

I have recently got into colour-work and I really wanted to have a go at making a nordic ‘something’ so when I found this headband pattern I thought it would be ideal, it will be great for skiing in on a clear day and wearing to work in this freezing weather!

This pattern is free and I really enjoyed knitting it, I was very proud that I used only stash yarn for this project, although it wasn’t the exact same weight as the pattern specified, it came out well.

I knitted this almost entirely whilst I was visiting Lizzy in Geneva, we went to a knitting group one afternoon who were very encouraging about me not using the right weight wool much to Lizzy’s disapproval :D. It actually knitted up really quickly, it’s made in the round and then you knit a ribbed lining, fold it in on itself and kitchener it together, the instructions in the pattern for the finishing of it weren’t great but I muddled through and that’s why it’s free I guess!

As my second proper go at stranded knitting I’m really pleased with it and I would definitely use this pattern again. I’m pretty sure my mum would love one of these, but as she’s going skiing in January she might have to wait until next year.


4 thoughts on “Nordic Headband

  1. I wasn’t disapproving…I was just concerned that you’d put a lot of effort in and using the wrong weight wool might screw it up! You can make me one for Christmas next year if you feel inclined, I think it’s lovely.

  2. I have patterns for a lovely group of tiny stockings tucked away for the day I feel I am able to venture into color work! Same colors as these with tiny Christmasy designs.

    I LOVE your headband. And the photograph is beautiful.

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