Crochet Christmas Decorations

Little Robin

I’m aware that I haven’t posted for over 2 months, it’s not that I haven’t made anything, it’s just that everything I have made is a present for someone, annoying! But this does mean I’m sorted for all of January’s blogging needs 🙂

Christmas Pud

These little beauties, however, are for me! It’s out first Christmas in our home and I’m already massively over-excited about it, particularly about decorating and these are my first offerings for the tree.

The Christmas pudding is particularly good, a free pattern from PlanetJune, I made this in an evening after I got home from work which was very satisfying, I might make a few more if I have time.

The robin isn’t as neat as I would like at the back but it’s very cute and chubby. I only bought the beads I used for the eyes because I needed to spend over £10 in the fabric shop to pay on my card, but it really makes it look like a bird… you know with the beady eyes.

These are actually really easy to make, so for all you ‘I can’t crochet’ people, this would be a good place to start, it’s all in single crochet and you can use scraps of yarn and a 4mm crochet hook, have a go!

I will obviously be getting out all the decorations I made last year: dala horses, woven baskets, quilted stars and crochet snowflakes but still need more of course. Lizzy has suggested crochet baubles so look out for those. I am now officially back on the blogging wagon – I hope you didn’t get fed up and go away…


2 thoughts on “Crochet Christmas Decorations

  1. Well, Im still here and the little decs are brilliant, I especially love the pudding….. I might have another attempt at learning to crochet, my last go was not to successfull, ask ya mum lmfao


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