Week off joy

Simon and I had the week off together, not to go away or achieve any particular goal, just to spend some time together and with the kittehs.

However I obviously wasn’t completely idle…

Simon went on a butchery course I had bought him for Christmas and came home with a huge bag of meat so that night we had herb crusted rack of lamb – yumarama!


And I made Nigella’s cream cheese brownies for dessert, they are amazing, go make them now.


I also made some gorgeous chicken stock from the bones of the filleted chicken which will be transformed into some delicious soup very soon.

I received a very unexpected package in the post. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s always exciting to receive a parcel but even more so when you aren’t awaiting it! A mysterious box with a ‘par avion’ stamp, how fun!
Simon handed it to me and read from it (in a resigned voice) ‘yarn’. But I hadn’t ordered yarn…
This is what I discovered on opening it


My lovely blogging friend Pam had sent me this treat as a ‘thank you’ for helping her with her first pair of socks, how sweet and lovely is that? It contained this delicious shi bui yarn (not available in the UK) and a hand made card. This really made my day, if not my week!

If you haven’t read Pam’s blog now is the time, she is the goddess of Christmas craft, check her out on http://gingerbreadsnowflakes.com

We spent a lot of time playing with the kittens, some photos for you to squee over below

Hey kittehs - what you doing? 'nuffin, honest...'

On Saturday I went to the De Beauvoir Association bric-a-brac sale and bought this old library book (I’m a bit obsessed with buying old library books, this one used to be part of the Islington Libraries Hospital Group), a hardback of course, isn’t it pretty?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

And on Sunday went to the Rio cinema in Dalston to see:

The Complete Metropolis
With Original Music Score Reconstruction by Frank Strobel.
For the first time since its 1927 Berlin premiere the lavish and spectacular epic that is METROPOLIS actually makes sense. The addition of 25 minutes of newly-discovered footage has transformed Fritz Lang’s much truncated mother of all sci-fi movies from a jumbled treasure trove of visionary, iconic and influential imagery into a dazzling modern masterpiece. Its tale of a futuristic city and its divided society of masters, men, machines and a mad scientist is equally timeless and the movie remains as powerful and relevant as ever.

It was brilliant, all in all, a perfect week off.

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