I Knit Weekender

Royal Horticultural Hall

Okay this was a while ago but I’m a busy girl you know. Lizzy and I had a lovely sunny Saturday out in Victoria. The Royal Horticultural Hall was amazing, a stunning art deco building with all the original fittings was very exciting, I felt like I was in Poirot.

We went to a talk by Debbie Bliss which was blighted by a major powerpoint fail, not a big deal as she clearly didn’t need it but the security guard would NOT let it go and kept buggering about with the screen and projector which was very distracting. To be honest we were impressed that Debbie Bliss was a real person and not jut a brand, more than anything else.

We spent a lot of money on yarn, but we could easily have spent more, it was nice because it wasn’t too busy you couldn’t chat to the exhibitors and everyone was really friendly. I bought the last of the wool I will need to get started on my sweater as well as some ‘secret-squirrel’ Christmas present making yarn.

For my money, although smaller (and yarn only based), this is a million times better than the knitting and stitching show which is just a bloody nightmare, too busy, not enough space or seats and no freebies – all for more money, lame!


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