Well you can’t watch the whole series of The Great British Bake off and NOT want to eat scones but the reason I had to do this was after watching Valentine Warner’s ‘What to Eat Now’ Summer edition, (his book btw is still on my Amazon wish list…), he just makes food irresistible!

Anyway these were made, as ever, from my trusty Dairy Book of Home Cookery, it has never let me down yet. All uniform in size and colour – Mary would be proud.

Uniform in their perfection ;)

Simon’s parents came round to see our new kittens and we ate them (the scones, not the kittens) with homemade apricot jam, Bonne Maman four fruits jam and (of course) devon clotted cream, my mouth is watering just thinking about them! And for teh kitteh fans amongst you, here are the little ones:

Heidi and Sparkle


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