More Baby Gifts

Following on from the Harwood’s Quiet Book post, I realised that we had been made some really beautiful things when we were little. My mum’s friend Lynn, who she met when they lived in the States made this fantastic embroidered picture for my little brother when he was born, isn’t it just the most lovely present? And imagine how long it must have taken her, she really is very talented.

The carriages have the date, time and day he was born all immaculately embroidered.

And how much he weighed (sorry about the blurry photo)

I think making these sort of things for boys must be hard anyway but this is just brilliant, I would really love to make these for my friend’s children but where does one find the time? Also do you think she would have used a kit, or a pre printed pattern or just made it up?

This is currently hanging up on the staircase in my parents house in France, just a little further up on the landing I found this embroidered picture which I remember from when we were little but have no idea where it came from.

Look at the detail in the stitches, isn’t it amazing. I really must take the time to learn to embroider properly, I’d dearly love to be able to make things as intricate as this. Another thing to add to the ever-expanding craft ‘to-do’ list…


4 thoughts on “More Baby Gifts

  1. I will admit I used a kit for Dean’s Train Sampler, but the “Immaculate” Personalization was my own idea. I’ve also embroidered names & dates on Family Christening Gowns, and “Wedding Ring” Patterned quilt/gift. Ask your mom if she has a picture of the little bunny quilt (body) & pillow (head) I made for you. I think it was in red gingham to match your room.
    I’m looking for a recipe for Orange bread/cake, similar to a box mix we bought in France.

    • Lynn! Welcome to my blog, I hope you don’t mind me stealing your work for my own purposes (mwa ha ha). I remember the bunny very well, I had that for ages, I bet it’s still in the loft somewhere, I’ll try to dig it out when I’m home. Will have a think about the orange cake recipe and get back to you xx

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