70s Crochet Bikini

I was reading the excellent Attic24 blog back in February, there were some hilarious images of hideously coloured 70’s style crochet items which included a bikini (see it here, it’s about halfway down the post). My colleague Clair and I fell about laughing and she demanded one for her holiday later in the year.

Obviously I promptly forgot about it and realised with only one week to go that it needed to be finished by Friday 20th August before we both went away.

‘But it will be fine!’ I thought, ‘it won’t take long at all – it’s just a few granny squares’. As this is a joke present (and will probably only be worn once) I bought the cheapest dk wool I could find (at the pound shop) in a lovely combination of brown, beige, dark red and egg yellow, by the time I’d finished the nylon feel of the wool was putting my teeth on edge. But I’m sure it will feel lovely on bare flesh… ugh!

I had already found a couple of patterns on Ravelry and made the bikini using a combination of the granny squares from this one and the side ties from this one. I was just going to do the whole thing from the second pattern but the granny squares were too holey and not very neat.
There were no patterns for bikini bottoms (‘why on earth not?!’ I hear you cry) so I made them up by just chaining 40 sts and decreasing and increasing to follow the line(very badly) of a pair of bikini bottoms in my drawer. This took forever as I was just doing sc and I started off doing it in stripes, insane! Suffice to say that in order to get them finished in time they ended up being  quite small…

I have to say it’s actually not that bad now all the ends are sewn in and I’ve put beads on the ends but I haven’t seen it on yet so it may just be hideous (well I mean it’s not supposed to be nice but you know what I mean – sickening rather than funny). I note that no one has actually made either of these on ravelry, there’s probably a reason for that…


2 thoughts on “70s Crochet Bikini

    • Hmm well to be honest I think the bottoms would have been a lot better if I wasn’t in such a rush, I definitely wouldn’t have decreased quite so aggressively, however I’ll know for ‘next time’ 😀

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